PERRY 2004: An incomplete list of perry producers in England and Wales.

Producers in bold will have their product available at Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival 2004.

Allen Robert: Allen, Slimbridge Lane, Halmore, Gloucestershire

Ballard: Lyn Ballard, The New Winnings, Colwall, Worcestershire

Barker’s: John Barker, Barker’s Cider and Perry, Hallow, Worcestershire Tel. 01905 640679

Brook Apple: Bob Cook of Brook Apple Farm, Rendcomb, Gloucestershire Tel. 01285 831479

Brook Farm: Peter Keam of Brook Farm Cider, Wigmore, Herefordshire Tel. 01568 770562

Burston: Steve Burston, White Lodge, Springfields, Drybrook, Gloucestershire Tel. 01594 541738

Butford Farm: Martin Harris of Butford Farm, Bodenham, Herefordshire Tel. 01568 797195 e-mail [email protected]

Chandos: Richard White, Chandos, Rushall, Herefordshire. Tel 01531 635024

Day’s Cottage: Dave Kaspar of Day’s Cottage Cider, Brookthorpe, Gloucestershire Tel. 01452 813602

Dunkerton’s: Ivor Dunkerton of Dunkerton’s Cider Co. Ltd., Pembridge, Herefordshire Tel. 01544 388653

Freeman: Albert Rixen / Eric Freeman, Taynton, Gloucestershire. Tel. 01452 790272

George: John George, Hay Traps, Leddinton, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Gregg’s Pit: James Marsden / Helen Woodman of Gregg’s Pit Cider and Perry, Much Marcle, Herefordshire Tel. 01531 660687

Gwatkin’s: Dennis Gwatkin of Gwatkin Cider, Abbeydore, Herefordshire Tel. 01981 550258

Haig’s: Robin Haig, Haig’s Cider and Perry, Wormelow, Herefordshire Tel. 01981 540247

Hartland’s: Dereck Hartland , Hartlands Cider and Perry, Tirley, Gloucestershire Tel. 01452 780480

Lyne Down: Carol and Steve Westlake of Lyne Down Farm, Much Marcle, Herefordshire Tel. 01531 660543

Minchew’s: Kevin Minchew of Minchew’s Real Cyder and Perry, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire Tel. 01684 773427

Mitchell F & D: Peter Mitchell of Mitchell F & D, Pershore, Worcestershire. Tel. 01386 552324 e-mail [email protected]

Moore Brothers: Alan Moore of Moore Brothers, Grove Court, Upton, Upton St. Leonard’s, Gloucestershire

Newton’s: Paul Stephens of Newton Court Cidery, Leominster, Herefordshire Tel. 01568 611721

Norbury’s: Tom Norbury of Norbury’s Black Bull Cider Company, Storridge, Worcestershire Tel. 01886 832206

Oliver’s: Tom Oliver of Oliver’s Cider and Perry, Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire Tel. 01432 820569. e-mail [email protected]

Orchard’s: Keith Orchard of Orchard’s Cider and Perry Co. Brockweir, Gloucestershire Tel. 01291 689536. e-mail [email protected]

Pealing: David Pealing, The Lodge, The Twerne, Putley, Herefordshire

Ragman’s Lane: Matt Dunwell, Ragman’s Lane Farm, Lydbrook, Gloucestershire Tel. 01594 860244

Ross on Wye: Mike Johnson, Ross on Wye Cider and Perry Co., Peterstow, Herefordshire Tel. 01989 769556

Shortwood: David and Janet Legge of Shortwood Farm, Pencombe, Herefordshire Tel 01885 400205

Summers: Marlene Summers of Summers, Slimbridge Lane, Halmore, Gloucestershire Tel. 01453 811218

Weston’s: Jonathan Blair, Weston’s Cider, Much Marcle, Herefordshire Tel. 01531 660233